The Monster

The huge barreled pistol boomed. Pointed straight at Emily, the impact of the bullet knocked her right over. There was no way to survive a gunshot like that.

Siegfried was on top of Coffer a quarter of a second later, pummeling him with his huge fists. The old man kept up his arms doing his best to prevent the blows from knocking him out. “Get offa me ya’ lummox! I gotta grab it!” Coffer protested.

The energy went out of Siegfried Adler’s blows. Tears rolled down his face and his hands reached up and grabbed at the air in front of him. His mouth moved as if to say something, at first no sound came out but then a roar “I vill keel you!”

This pause was enough for Coffer to wriggle free. He ran five feet and then leapt face first into a shadow on the floor. He started pounding the ground with the but of his pistol and spinning in circles. Despite being driven mad with rage this bizarre performance even gave Siegfried Adler pause.

He blinked and tried to register what he was really seeing but he couldn’t stand it any longer and turned away in disgust. He stooped over the body of Emily Drake and picked her head up. Through his tears he could not see where the bullet had struck her. He tried to wipe them away from his eyes but his vision blurred all the more. He could not see any blood on her dress or any wound. Then the body of Emily Drake coughed and opened it’s eyes. Siegfried was stunned so badly that he fainted dead away.

Emily’s head was ringing and the room was spinning and when Mr. Adler dropped her head on the ground because he had fainted it didn’t help matters much. She had almost gotten her bearings when she saw Mr. Coffer spinning over and over in the shadows of the room. She looked back over at Mr. Adler and crawled over to him to check if he was alright. Aside from being pale and a look of horror frozen to his face, he seemed fine.

Emily got to her feet, stumbled a bit and began dusting herself off.

“Aha! I’ve got ‘im!” She heard Coffer declare as he emerged triumphantly from behind one of the soda engines. He marched proudly into the light of the acetylene lamp carrying a rolled up tarpaulin. “Well Miss Drake, here ‘e be.” he chortled.

“Mr. Coffer, that’s a tarpaulin.” She stated.

“No, no lass. It’s what’s in the tarpaulin.” He said as he unrolled it in the center of the lamp’s light.

Emily screamed.

It was the size of a hound dog but not in the right shape.

“Aha! I was right!” Coffer danced around doing a little jig. “That monster was about to snack on you. Saved you is what I did.”

The creature turned toward Coffer and leapt at him. His pistol fired again, this time the beast was blown apart by the blast. “Gotta hit them just right to get rid of them. It’s actually harder to catch em’ like that.”

Emily shrieked again.

“Oh calm yerself lass.”

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