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The Formula

“You!” she charged at him, her parasol struck him repeatedly but he barely flinched. “Siegfried, why is she here.” He turned his attention to her “This isn’t a playground for little girls.” She glared at him. “Mr. Adler, since my father is missing, and I am his only heir, that makes this my property. Please […]

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Left Behind

One. . . Two. . . Three. . . “What are we doing here boy? There’s nothing here!” Harold nearly shouted. “Sir, you try my patience. I have hired you for the skills you do possess, not the ones you do not. One of which being the ability to correctly assess this situation.” Griffin replied […]

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The Monster

The huge barreled pistol boomed. Pointed straight at Emily, the impact of the bullet knocked her right over. There was no way to survive a gunshot like that. Siegfried was on top of Coffer a quarter of a second later, pummeling him with his huge fists. The old man kept up his arms doing his […]

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