The Mapingauri

We just finished up the game that was running on 1KM1KT. There was a creature that the players were hunting down. When I went looking for something for the players to go after I was looking up wildlife in Brazil, thinking that it would be some kind of big cat they would encounter. Then I stumbled on some cryptozoology from the region and knew I had to use it.

The Mapingauri is supposed to be a Bigfoot or Yeti like creature. It’s big, hairy, elusive and stinky but that’s about where the similarities end. According to legend it has scales like a crocodile and long read hair. It’s feet are supposed to be backwards facing and it doesn’t always stand on it’s hind legs but it can rear up. It also is supposed to be able to let out a horrible shriek that stuns people that hear it.

Well now that sounds like pure fantasy doesn’t it? Except when you match it up with a creature like the Giant Sloth or Megatherium and some of it starts to line up. Backwards feet? The Giant Sloth did not walk on the soles of it’s feet. It walked on their sides. Not exactly the same but similar. Scales like a crocodile? The Giant Sloth had hard nodules on it’s skin that were probably protection from the teeth of sabertooth cats. The hind legs of the sloth could support it’s weight.

This was an interesting challenge for the characters. Here are the stats I used.

The Mapingauri has two types of attacks. The creature can let out a shriek that has the effect of stunning everyone that does not pass a Will test. Characters have to beat the creature’s will score, for every point its will score is higher than the character’s, they are stunned for one turn. The Mapingauri attack damage is based on their Strength score minus their prey’s strength score. One point of damage is done for every point of strength over it’s prey.

Story: 20
Intelligence: 0
Will: 5
Honor: -2
Agility: 5
Perception: 4
Strength: 10
Charm: -3

Untrained Methods

Obscurity Int +1 Per +1
Because the creature is an unknown or rare it is harder to know what it’s habits are.

Slow Metabolism Will +2
The creature rarely needs to hunt and therefore moves around less making finding it more difficult.

Cautious Per +1 Will +1
The creature won’t make a move unless it sees the coast is clear.

Knows the Jungle Int +1 Per +1
This is the creatures home turf.

Cleanly Per +2
The creature does not seem to leave scat and probably has one location that it does so in or near it’s den.

Flee – Agility +2
The creature moves quickly through the woods.

Pass Through Brush – Agility +2
Because of the creature’s strength and weight it can push through brush and undergrowth that a human cannot pass through.

Swat – Strength +2
The arms and claws of the creature are fearsome.

Charge – Strength +2
The creature uses it’s full weight to attack.

Horrid Shriek – Will +3
A cry that shakes a man to the bone.

Foul Stench – Will +1
The smell of the creature can turn men away.

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