Hey Brother, Can Ya’ Spare A Dime. . . I Mean Art?

It’s no secret that SPF needs art in a bad way. If you’re an artist that would like to get in on a project let us know. We could use your help.

I’ve been wanting to start drawing for SPF for a while now. I’ve got some ideas on a style but I’m waiting on some hardware (excuses excuses). My drawing time is squeezed between trying to write and trying to do all the other important life giving activities (cry me a river, who’s isn’t). Most importantly, even though I enjoy steampunk art, I’ve never done any myself so I’m a little bit afraid. I know the solution is to just jump in and get the shock over with but it doesn’t make it any easier. I know I’ll probably like it once I get started, so I should just get started.

Still, if you’re reading this and would like to help this project out by contributing some art, even if it’s old steampunk stuff your not using for anything, please let me know.

One more thing, one of the advantages of steampunk, is that it doesn’t have to rely on drawing for it’s art. Plenty of people have awesome costumes. Photographs would be a great way of setting the game apart from other games.

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