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I’ve been doing some work on new advanced game rules and Events and putting them on the wiki. Here’s some of what’s now available.

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Running the PBP game at 1KM1KT has brought up a few ideas for rules and reminded me of a few more that I forgot to write down.

Untrained Skills – This rule allows the character to use a skills methods that they do not have the skill for but at a price.

Advancing Skills – This rule allows a character to get better at a skill.

Environmental Difficulty – Adding difficulty modifiers to character conflicts.

Passive Tricks – Some tricks really shouldn’t be able to be turned off by not selecting them. This was added mostly because you don’t have to turn on armor and airships don’t really require much to fly but they are special conditions. Making them passive allows skill slots to be freed up in play. You decide if that’s a good thing or not. One could take the stand that an armored vehicle or person is slower and therefore should lose a slot.

Role Play Reward – A lot of games say “you should” role play out situations in the game. This is designed to encourage that mechanically. Watch out, the GM can get this bonus too!

Alternate Skill Choices – Don’t want to have to pick an event with Marksmanship because you’ve already gotten it twice? Well there’s a solution to that proposed by J. K. Mosher. Now I just need to implement this in the Events.

Core Item Bonuses – A lot of the time, players are picking things like elephant guns for their core items. This got me thinking that core items should get a bonus to their effectiveness. I’m a little split on applying this to Power Items but it may not be so bad.

There’s also a new skill, Hunting to be tied in with the Big Game Hunter Event in the advanced rules

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  1. J.Mosher says:

    Great additions 🙂

    Keep it up 🙂

    • Loc says:

      Thanks, now I’m thinking about the different Event tracks for the different continents like the one’s for a Tarzan like character you mentioned. That’ll be a bit of work!

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