Bad British Food?

I cook and bake quite a bit. I’ve seen a lot of cook books from a lot of cultures and one of the cultures that never impressed me was UK cooking. I’ve actually wondered out loud to people “Why do the British have such awful recipes?” I wondered if they just didn’t have the culinary sense. It just didn’t seem right.

Thats why when NPR wrote about why the British have bland food I took notice. The article explains how it was partly rationing from back to back wars, the great depression, and the dismantling of the Aristocracy that destroyed the British food culture.

The good news is that in the Steam age, none of that has happened yet. It may not happen at all dependent on the setting. The article goes on to describe what would be in style in the 19th century aristocrat’s home. For one, hand made fancy molded ice creams. Artisanal cheeses would probably be made on location. Then there are delicacies being brought in from all over the world.

I thought I’d share this mainly because the dinner party was such a big part of the upper and even middle class culture that it would be a mistake to miss it in your games.

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