Example of Play

Here’s an example of actual play on a forum at 1KM1KT. Come and check it out! The Hypnomechanical Theater, in Brazil

There are three PCs, one is a rich adventurer, the other is a street urchin turned actor and the third is a soldier turned big game hunter.

The three are on an adventure to bring the culture of theater to the indigenous tribes of Brazil. They also need to find and stop a creature from killing railroad workers. Can they do both? Can they do either? Tune in and find out! (’cause I don’t know either.)

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  1. J.Mosher says:

    Very interesting game system. It does take few rounds to get used to, but once you have run a couple of encounters it starts to come more easily what you can do with a little planning. 🙂

    Almost can’t wait for the adventures to continue. Great work!

    • Loc says:

      I’m still getting used to it really. Some of my early fears were that there wouldn’t be enough variation in the skills to make things unpredictable but so far I’ve had a hard time being able to predict where the action would go and I think that’s a good thing. Now the question will be if that lasts or if, as one becomes more proficient you can start to know exactly how to handle each given situation or if there is going to always be a “best solution”. I’m on the look out for that and hopefully it either won’t happen or I can build around it. Anyway it’s a fun adventure.

  2. J.Mosher says:

    I have hunch there will be more of those “both sides win scenarios” as I do find the skill choices (from my pov anyway) allow for a fair number of ways that a player can address a given situation.

    Part of the question to answer is how to structure “situations” so that it is just not a “skills” challenge, or just a “pc vs npc”,but a combination of both.
    ie the upcoming hunt. . . can the hunter bag the animal? More than likely, however has he done enough to be able to find the animal first? Has the player chosen right to not only find his quarry but also set himself up to bag it at the same time?

    I think as the testing goes on, you’ll find that the situations are more fluid then we expect and that meeting the challenges of basically doing two tasks at once will keep the chance of “best options” limited. 🙂

    • Loc says:

      The both sides win scenario is an interesting side effect of the limit to methods and tricks. There’s really no way to defend against every kind of attack. When two sides go at it you can try to hedge your bets or go for the gusto, probably leaving yourself open to the opponent’s attack.

      It’s funny that it happens this way because when the game was first being developed, we were really worried that there would be too many stalemates where nothing happened.

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