Ennies Submission and Wiki Report

Well, it’s a longshot but SPF has been submitted to the Ennies. I’d be floored if we got anywhere but hey I think we’ve got a pretty neat system here so hopefully they do too. I gotta say the Ennies crew are on the ball, the submission was handled immediately.

I put a new skin on the wiki, I’m happier with it but it still could use some tweaking. Most everything that was up before is now up on the new wiki and the skills in the basic game are all in there now. Next come the Events, I may be able to finish those off this weekend. This wiki is much faster, I got the first spammer on this software and deleted the page he (it?) created and his user. Maybe I should keep the user and ban them? In any event its much faster to take care of removing them on this platform.

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