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Spam Is Out of Control On The Wiki

I may be moving the wiki to another solution, MediaWiki doesn’t seem to be working out. For one I’m having trouble with bringing up pages to edit them. I frequently get a blank page. Just navigating is sometimes a chore. Now there are a lot of spammers mucking up the works and MediaWiki doesn’t seem […]

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Working on The Wiki

I put some work into the wiki today, blocked a spammer and did some work on the alien planet story seed. For the wiki. . . Added the Athletics skill which has a pretty cool trick called Grappling Added the Athlete event Added Untrained Skills to the advanced rules Added Advancing Skills to the advanced […]

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Story Seed – Alien Planet

This story seed introduces a habitable alien planet. In many cases this can be a planet in our own solar system such as Mars, Venus or even the moon. Alternatively it could be a mysterious planet X that has just been discovered. Interstellar flight would normally be considered inauthentic for a steampunk setting, with so […]

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Story Seed – Fast Inventions

In a story using the Fast Inventions seed, the time limit for building inventions is removed. Inventions still cost the same as far as SP but can be produced in game on very short notice. In this story, the inventors are the ultimate ‘makers’ being able to build in a matter of hours what it […]

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Story Seeds – Prolific Monsters

Someone has been busy, very busy making creatures. In this setting one of several possibilities have occurred. Some brilliant if possibly mad scientist has somehow made a huge number of creatures. It may be the case that the PCs have encountered a far away land where monsters have always lived. Otherwise many inventors have been […]

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Story Seeds – Airships

With the use of the airships story seed the story will focus on lighter than air craft as an important element. In this story, airships ply the skies like seagoing ships fill the seas. An airship is a lighter than air gas filled, ridged framed vehicle that uses rudders, propellers and other kinds of propulsion […]

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Story Seeds – Mad Scientist

Picking the Mad Scientist seed could mean that there is a single prominent scientist that is threatening to destabilize society or that there are going to be many scientists that the player group will encounter. Victor Frankenstein is probably the original template for a mad scientist. He builds his creature without really considering what the consequences […]

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Story Seeds – Pirate

By picking the Pirate story seed, the player is asking for pirates and piracy to be a theme of the unfolding story. In this setting pirates may be a common problem that merchants must contend with or the players may have to contend with a single group of pirates that the story is centered around. […]

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How to Make Chicken – The Mad Scientist Way!

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More Thoughts on Setting

A while ago I was watching a Nova special on quantum mechanics and one of the physicists commenting said something along the lines of ‘If it weren’t for quantum mechanics we would all be still using steam engines’. That made me think, in an alternate universe, where quantum mechanics didn’t exist, would we be living […]

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