About The Setting

Another thing that the game book needs is a setting but this is tricky. The game world is supposed to be built according to the players choices, wouldn’t an established setting make that impossible or at least more difficult? It could but it doesn’t have to. Broad sweeping strokes should be enough to establish the setting.

The Inventor

It’s finally completed. For years I’ve labored on it and it has cost me dearly. At first my friends thought I was joking but then abandoned me, they couldn’t allow themselves to be embarrassed by a scandal if it didn’t work.

My family fortune is almost gone. It’s taken almost every shilling I have to make my dream come true. I cannot fail now or it will all be for nothing.

Even my professors thought I was mad. Could they not see it, or were they not daring enough to try? Soon all my detractors will be silenced. The boiler is stoked and building pressure, the flywheel is almost up to speed. There are just a few more levers to throw and the mainspring will be fully wound. This will be a glorious victory.

I will show them that I’m not mad. They’ll shower me with sovereigns just to see my wondrous invention. I’ll change the world.

The Friend

He’s become increasingly withdrawn in the last few months. I come to call on him but he has no time for me. I fear for his health and his sanity. After all one secluding himself will ignore practical wisdom.

We’ve taken in his wife as she is unable to live in their house. She had to let go the help because he leaves her with nothing to pay them with. It’s a deplorable situation. It breaks my heart to think of him this way.

He barely eats and his wife says that he keeps himself on some concoction to stay awake all hours of the night. I fear he may have to be put in an asylum.

The Professor

In theory he may be right, that I cannot deny but his manner and methods are so disagreeable that no one could speak reason to him. It’s a scandal and a disgrace to have his name associated with the university. He asks for funding and what am I to say? No, this hallowed institution cannot be linked with this madness.

What would such an infernal device do to society? It would be turned upside down. Even more, it would dash society to pieces, never to be put back together again. How could I condone this action?


When invention outstrips the pace of a finely balanced social order the result is upheaval. Who is mad and who is genius? In a world powered by coal and steam, men and women pit their intelligence against iron and coal fire. Will it be for the betterment of mankind or it’s destruction?

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