Monthly Archives: December 2011

File and Wiki Updates

I was playing with adding a little bit of ironwork to the headers. I have a feeling they’ll cause trouble every time I update the files so I don’t know if I’ll keep them. I put a few more skills in the wiki. I’ll be doing that periodically because if I add a lot of […]

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About The Setting

Another thing that the game book needs is a setting but this is tricky. The game world is supposed to be built according to the players choices, wouldn’t an established setting make that impossible or at least more difficult? It could but it doesn’t have to. Broad sweeping strokes should be enough to establish the […]

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File Update and Fun Stuff

The PDF has been updated. I haven’t done all the things Rob asked me to do but I’m working on it. In the mean time here’s some fun links and video. Victorian Names Steampunk Names  

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Creating A Scenario

Rob Lang over at 1KM1KT gave me a laundry list of fixes to the game book. I’m starting to work on them and there are some big oversights. One is that I don’t explain how to create a scenario to a new GM so here’s my attempt at it. Players will need some kind of […]

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One of our questions from the get go was how does money work in a game where the equipment is based on common sense rather than an exhaustive list? Several Events give the character money, two of them give £500 and the Inheritance Event gives £2000, but how much is that? I knew those were […]

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The Wiki Is Up

To give a place to all the ideas that won’t fit in the basic book I’ve set up a wiki. I threw in some basic structure so people can see basically how it’s intended to work and even threw an example of a new skill. What I’ll probably do, is post new character creation Events, […]

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Plans For The Near Future

Right now SPF is in development. Learning to handle basic tasks in the game takes some getting used to because there are no dice. Playtesting has shown that the conflict resolution system has a learning curve but so far the players are having fun. Because learning the conflict resolution system is so different from what […]

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Hello world!

Hello all, this is the development website for Steampunkfitters Role Playing Game. Your diceless semi-narrative source for all your steampunk needs. Steampunkfitters is designed so that the players have a voice in the in game story from concept to completion. The SPF system is far from just a generic system, it suggests themes and gives […]

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